Collar- full Ribbon Pops☆

Rainbow Fur Babies


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Tired of a boring solid design collar? Upgrade your dog or Cat swagger with the Collarfull Ribbon Pop Collars. Whether they are an indoor cuddle buddy or an outdoor adventurist or both this handcrafted collar is purr-fect for daily wear and soft soothing feeling. Durable and stylish with its unique artistic patterns with a bow. This collar also includes a safety breakaway buckle clip that quickly comes undone if it gets caught, so it’s just the right accessory for furry explorers. Plus, it’s available in different colors to match your purr baby's style! 💖🌸🐈

Purr-fect for any time or day of the week! Our Rainbow Fashion Collar will guarantee to keep your dog and cat safe and colorful! 🌈 

• 🐾 Search custom Cat and Dog collars at a variety of colors, styles, and sizes! 🐾

• ♥️ Extra layer of protection to keep your Cat or Dog safe! ♥️

• 💞 The internal surface is "pp ribbon", meaning that the collar will be more beautiful and sophisticated! 💞

🐱 S------------15.75"/40cm------------0.98"/2.5cm 🐶
🐱 M------------19.69"/50cm------------0.98"/2.5cm 🐶
🐱 L------------23.62"/60cm------------0.98"/2.5cm  🐶
🐱 XL------------27.56"/70cm------------0.98"/2.5cm🐶