Grooming Gloves☆

Rainbow Fur Babies




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    Thinking about a new regime to remove loose and/or excess fur from your pet’s coat and skin? These gloves are made with adaptable material and squashy rubber ends all over the palms to help elevate dirt and undo tangles and knots. While some grooming tools may frighten your companion, with this glove, all you have to do is put it on, and pet your furr baby like you usually do! As you pet your furr baby, the glove takes the fur in the glove for easy maintenance and removal. It's perfect for all coat types including short hair, long hair, and even wet or dry hair. When you’re all done, simply wash the glove and let it dry under the sun and rainbow!

Key Benefits

  • Designed to collect loose fur and hair from your pet, for an easy grooming experience.
  • The soft, rubber tips cover the palms of both hands to gently undo tangles and lift dirt.
  • These gloves are suitable for all coat types—long, short, wet, or dry.
  • The adjustable fuzzy fastener strap allows these gloves to fit most hand size Silicone material.