Glowing LED Collar Luminous Night Safety Light-up☆

Rainbow Fur Babies



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  You no longer have to worry about your dog or cat wandering off in the night time with our Glow in the dark camouflage collars! Used for safety purposes! If your little fur baby decides to run off on their own at night with this collar, oncoming traffic or pedestrians can see the dog with the LED collar on! If your furr baby is a night owl this may very well save their life! The specially designed pet collar is made to be worn at night when taking your dog out for a walk or a jog as well. It’s a collar with glowing neon light that allows for better visibility when outdoors in low light or at night. This battery operated collar ensures that your pup can be seen from all directions. Plus, it can be worn in any weather. Measure your dog’s neck in order to find the perfect size. from Small - X Large.  


Doggy Perks

  • It helps keep you and your pet visible and safe when outdoors in low light.
  • Removable LED Light to wash collar alone
  • Washable as long as the LED light is removed ☀︎
  • LED lights to provide bright, long-range visibility and last up for hours.
  • Made with comfortable, non-abrasive high-quality nylon.
  • It provides high and instant visibility up to 1,400 feet or 1/4 mile from the front, side, and back.
  • Durable, long-lasting, and available in multiple stylish colors.
  • LED light flashes in 3 methods 1st fast flashing, 2nd slower flashing, and third mode no flashing. 

Type: Dogs of all breeds and sizes. (small-x large) 

Feature: Neon safety lights in 6  solid color choices.

Designe Type: Camouflage